Teeth Falling Out

I dreamt last night that my teeth were falling out. The feeling is still with me, so I looked it up this morning. There are numerous interpretations… none of them good.


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  1. mmm I had reoccuring dreams of my front two teeth falling out and me desperately trying to push them back in again during my exams in the first year of uni… I did really badly. It was awful. I can still remember the dreams now, 15 years later…

  2. I have those dreams all the time. Sometimes little pieces of my teeth start falling out, or my teeth turn to powder, and I keep trying to spit it all out, but the chunks of teeth and the tooth powder makes my mouth too dry, and then I start to feel like I’m choking. Those dreams SUCK.

  3. My one and only recurring dream. I always interpreted it as a “fear of growing old” thing.

  4. Mine was the pieces of teeth. It was so weird and creepy.

  5. I had that dream for years. My teeth would be like crumbly chalk in my mouth. Then I started going to the dentist on a regular basis and the dream went away.

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