Star Trek

Star Trek
Well, I certainly enjoyed Star Trek more than Ebert did! I loved all the references and fan service. I think Karl Urban was my favorite; Bones just cracked me up whenever he was onscreen. I also rather enjoyed the never-commented-on fact that female crew members in the 23rd century dress like 1960’s go-go dancers. I have to say though, I really wanted Sylar-as-Spock to be sexier. The love story was played almost too subtly for my liking. (Or maybe I’ve just read too much fanfic…)

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  1. Really looking forward to seeing this movie. Especially Sylar as Spock….

  2. Karl Urban NAILED it. I thought Simon Pegg was underused.

    I think I may have missed some lines due to my internal fangirl squeeing, but I really appreciated the obligatory, “I’m givin’ her all I’ve got, Captain” and “Are you out of yer Vulcan mind?”

    Oh it’s the little things.

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