May = Suck

May = Suck
Huh. Not very productive on the blogging front here lately, am I? It’s been a sucky couple of weeks, actually. There’s been a lot going on at work, and I’ve had too many extra commitments happening on my weekends. My back hurts. The weather is cold. My stomach is playing up again. The cats have been waking me up too early. I’m just worn out.

That said, I finally got to have a nice, relaxing weekend. Friday night we went to Nilgiris in St. Leonards for Amy‘s birthday. That was fun! We had this way cool little private cushion room upstairs, and the food was excellent. Saturday the Snook and I finally made it over to the Eveleigh Farmers’ Market, where we battled hipsters for ingredients to make coq au vin. (The recipe is in the latest Delicious magazine; uses spatchcock instead of rooster.) I spent a great deal of both Saturday and Sunday working on a knitted vest for Andrew and Kathleen‘s new baby. (Congratulations, guys!) Tonight I went for a long 70min run around Glebe and Newtown, which was okay except for my back aching. We had our coq au vin (which was excellent). We finally picked out a contents insurance plan (spurred on by reports of recent burglaries). And now I’m really looking forward to bed.



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  1. getting contents insurance is something you realise means that you are growing up… i got mine very reluctantly (only because i realised there was no other way i would be able to replace stuff!). I hope you get better soon with your stomach.

  2. what did u think of the markets?

  3. In general they were great, and I bought loads of stuff. But man, it was Inner West Hipster Central. Lots of fashionably dressed 30-somethings, most of which had either a dog or a child with them (sometimes both). I felt a little underdressed, frankly.

  4. If you like you can borrow my 19 month old when you go next. She’s quite well behaved and doesn’t spill her latte.

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