Beef and Cabbage Stir-fry

Beef and Cabbage “Stir-fry”
The Snook arrived home tonight to some odd smells. “What are you cooking?” he asked. “It’s kind of hard to describe,” I answered. “I think it’s sort of like homemade Hamburger Helper.” Unfortunately that cultural reference was lost on him. He looked in the pot. “It looks like what my Dad used to call ‘Savoury Mince,'” he said. That’s… pretty accurate, really. Basically, I knew we had cabbage, broccoli, and a bit of celery to use up from the veggie box, so I googled and found this recipe. It looked strange and interesting. It’s basically hamburger mince cooked with rice, some veggies, chicken soup mix(!), and curry powder(!). (I left out the Chinese noodles on top.) It actually turned out really good! We both enjoyed it, and we’ve got plenty left-over for tomorrow. Even with the small bit of rice, I think it probably works out quite low-carb too. I think this could be my new go-to recipe for using up odd bits of veg…


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  1. We used to call this ‘Chinky Chonky’ when the kids were little. The packet of chicken soup mix are curry powder are crucial, for some reason! On the radio one afternoon people were calling in with their own versions of this, and they had some hilarious names for it. Yum!

  2. Okay, “Chinky Chonky” is both horrific and AWESOME. I fear we may be calling it this from now on. 🙂

  3. The Snook? I love it! Stumbled across your website looking for sock monkey patterns and you just know you’ve found the right website when there is a Snook involved. My step-dad (my dad since I was 3), his surname is Snook! Is Rodd related to any of the Dannevirke, New Zealand Snooks?

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