Knitty and Tom Bihn’s Swift

Yay, there’s a new Knitty! I especially like Treetop, which panders to my love of geometry, cables, and things going off in strange directions. I think Elenka might be cute for Indie, and I’ve already suggested knitting a Trilobite hat for the Snook. (He likes that idea.) I am even strangely drawn to the lace. (I KNOW! WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME?)

The issue also has a review of the new Tom Bihn “Swift” knitting bag, which I kinda love. I’m not convinced on the cork version though…


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  1. I’m thinking the Cold Mountain stole in smaller gauge… ;D

  2. tell me what to measure! she looks pretty in purple or yellow. 🙂 i don’t love the eyelet in the skirt though, which would show off her huggies…

  3. p.s. and that cork knitting bag is badass. very wine country.

  4. Ah! Elenka! looks great, I might whip one up now in wool for the Boo this winter. Cork bag – not not not cool.

  5. Aim: Chest: 21[22, 23, 24] inches
    Length: 19.5[21, 22.5, 24] inches

    Just see which of the four sizes would be best.

    Not sure if I’m clever enough to leave the eyelets out! Maybe I could line the skirt part with fabric…

  6. I like Treetop too.

    As for Elenka – if you increased the number of those slopey stockinette stitches between the increases and decreases, couldn’t you then do the increases as M1s or something instead of eyelets without losing the breadth?

    Just a thought.

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