Just found out that the fantastic Bourke Street Bakery around the corner from our house is going to be leaving. Why? Because Notre Dame bought the whole block and is evicting all the tenants. THAT SUCKS. Look, I thought it was really neat four years ago when we discovered ND were creating a tiny campus in Chippendale. In the intervening years though, they’ve slowly been buying up buildings and shopfronts in the neighbourhood for expansion. I don’t want my neighbourhood to turn into a sterile college campus! I NEED MY SOURDOUGH, YOU BASTARDS. I think this definitely merits a strongly worded letter from a local homeowner AND alumnus.


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  1. Good luck! I don’t think that the Archdiocese of Sydney, which owns the ND ‘brand’ here, is going to give a darn about alumni of the US institution. But good on you for protesting anyway.

  2. Then they shouldn’t use pictures of it to advertise the Sydney campus! If they’re going to play up the association, I’m going to exploit it.

  3. I’m still not sure why Sydney needs three universities (UTS, ND & USyd) right next to each other. Each year they expand just a little more. It won’t be long until they buy your place for student housing :O

  4. Damn it, NO. I love those tarts!

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