Unnecessary Appliances

Like Gael, I was amused by this list of “unnecessary appliances”. Alton Brown famously rejects such uni-taskers as well. I’ve gotta take exception to the inclusion of the ice cream maker and the pasta machine though. They’re uni-taskers, yes, but they’re also the best way to do those particular tasks.


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  1. Bread makers can be marvellous, if you have a family and don’t live near a shop. My daughter uses hers every day, sometimes twice. My cousin uses his three times a week. I always get wonderful bread at their houses. Maybe it’s a NZ thing.

  2. My brother and sister-in-law in Canberra make fresh bread every other day. I love waking up in the morning to the smell of fresh baked bread!

    The one that I think is useless is the pie maker. How hard is it to make a pie?

  3. I also disagree with the popcorn maker. I prefer the stovetop ones with the crank handle, but the constant sweeping/agitation does make some damn good kernels.

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