Cupcake Kebabs

For my sister: Cupcake Kebabs. (I noticed recently that another cupcake bakery has opened in the QVB. That makes, like, three in the CBD alone. When will the cupcake fad implode??)

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  1. on it – i’m addicted to cttc! not sure the fad will implode…maybe just slow down a little.

  2. We have 2 in Leichhardt. One makes exceptionally beautiful cakes (The Cupcake Room – ) and the other is part of a mini chain called Baby cakes in Norton Plaza where the cakes look like they have been decorated by a toddler. Go The Cupcake Room!

    I love a good cupcake, though so many can be disappointing

  3. i like their website. snazzy. and sis, did you see the recent post on cttc about dragees? did you know they’re ILLEGAL in california? SO wrong. i commented about it.

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