Knitting Basket Cake

Knitting Basket Cake, link courtesy of my sister. Wow. I can see that it’s a work of art… but it doesn’t exactly look appetising.


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  1. That is very bizarre. Maybe you could enter it in the cake decorating at The Show next year. 😉

  2. I just read the instructions for the balls of wool. Squished up cake and ganache. Um … yum? Is that a normal cake making thing?

  3. Yep. “Cake balls.” They’re all the rage in the baking world at the moment. Cake mixed up with frosting. My sister thinks that cake balls are the new cupcakes.

  4. I’m tempted. Though I can’t stop thinking it’s a bit “pre-chewed”… BUT I’m a complete sucker for decoration so if it looked gorgeous I think I’d probably get over myself.

  5. rachel, the decorations can be adorable! think truffles meet petit fours. and the texture is yum if they’re from scratch (moist and velvety.) box mixes and frosting make for a chewy, canned taste.

  6. And the ‘yarn’ – you have to put crisco (kremalta) in it to get the texture. I can feel my arteries clanging shut from here, and also I just love the feel of that fat on my tongue. Not.

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