Knitting Drama

From Alegrya today: “@web_goddess isn’t knitting supposed to be a way to dispel stress and drama??”

Ha! You’d think that. Instead last week started with a fellow Sydney knitter being harrassed by lawyers for a big craft company, and this week I copped it for an innocent email to my own guild group about Ravelry names. Maybe I should take up making cake balls instead.


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  1. What IS wrong with the Guild?

    If you do end up makin’ those cake balls…;-)

  2. ummm… what?

    from who?

  3. Seriously – what for? Ridiculous!

  4. stay out of the cake ball business, beeatch. 🙂 (p.s. i put in a meager official offer for my domain name of choice today. we’ll see.)

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