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New iPhone
Yes, I’m a bit of a Mac fangirl, but you have to believe this wasn’t my idea. The Snook started thinking about getting an iPhone a few months ago. (It was all due to wurdle, really, which he played whenever I set my phone down.) I told him he should just get one of the old 3G ones, because they’d be cheaper when the new ones came in. Except they aren’t. They’ve discontinued the 16GB (which is the one he wanted), and none of them have come down in price in Australia. So he started crunching numbers on plans, and he worked out that it was only a little bit more expensive to get a 3GS. Then, since he didn’t really care about video and a better camera, he’d swap with me! I got my phone unlocked last week so it would work with his Exetel SIM. The Snook is at the extreme low end in phone usage, so the original plan was just to get the Optus $19 Cap Plan (which actually had a lower TCO than buying the pre-paid iPhone from Vodafone and unlocking). We ordered it on Optus’s website last night. BUT – this morning I learned on Twitter (in between all the Michael Jackson craziness) that the Apple Store was selling them outright for $200 less than Vodafone’s pre-paid! I called Optus to cancel the offer while the Snook ran down to the George Street store. They have plenty in stock. He got the phone, and tonight we did the big switch. It worked perfectly! Expect more mobile video in the future, kids.


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  1. Michael Jackson craziness? something happen?

  2. I’m thinking of entering the world of iPhone too. I need a new gadget to play with.

    Also you do know that Snook will just start playing wurdle on your phone since it will be twice as fast. Hehe 🙂

  3. I saw the queues in the store yesterday afternoon when I was in the city. What a buzz this has caused.

  4. It’s annoying 16 gig 3GS models are scarce at the moment in the UK. Curses! Hope they get in stock soon or erm… i’ll cry 😉

  5. That sucks. They had plenty here!

  6. Just been in shop and it seems it a case of go in every week to see if they have any in. Apple store in London which i guess have ok stocks only sell PAYG which is no good.

    I just read from someone that he ran out of space on his 16GB 3GS and isn’t a music/video nut. On his 3G, he has loads of space free. What size did you get and if you got 16 gig, are you finding it fine for space as i’m not going to be using music/videos.


  7. Wow. I haven’t come close to filling up my 16gb. Right now I’ve got 4.9gb free. I don’t carry around videos or TV shows, but I’ve got quite a bit of music on here. I’ve got about 4 screens of apps, bit I know some folks have a lot more.

  8. Ok thanks for that. I think the 16gb will do me fine. Just have to wait for them to come in stock now.

    Also just read about them getting hot when running some CPU intensive apps/games. Just as long as you can fry an egg on it then i’ll be happy.

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