Jungle Cats at the Watering Hole

Jungle Cats at the Watering Hole
This is quite possibly the most boring YouTube video in the history of the world. It’s Petey playing in his water fountain and trying to dunk Amy in the water. The amazing part is that I filmed it on my new iPhone, and then I edited and uploaded it to YouTube FROM THE BUS on the way to work this morning. Hello, the Future!


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  1. That Petey looks just like Riley did when he was a Young Buck. Cuuute!

  2. I’ve never seen a cat water fountain before – I have to have one for my kitty too!

    searching… searching…

    Cute kitty and funny video 🙂

  3. The one was have is from “Cat-It.” We got ours from the pet store at Broadway. The water flows down over the dome, but since our bathroom floor isn’t level it all tends to run down one side in a stream. They both seem to like drinking from it, which is good. We’ve already had one UTI incident with Amy, so the goal is not to have anymore.

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