Happy birthday, Miss Fee!

Happy birthday, Miss Fee!
While all the Americans were celebrating Independence Day this weekend, Down Under we were celebrating the very special birthday of a dear friend. I didn’t trust myself to mention the occasion before the party, for fear that I’d give away the big secret! Somehow I found myself as the organiser for a special group gift from TWENTY PEOPLE. Back in May, Fiona happened to blog about a beautiful red leather handbag from England that she coveted. What better to get her? How often do you get to give somehow her secret dream gift, the thing that she’d never expect and never buy herself? So I ordered the bag, trusting that I’d collect enough to order it. Instead I got nearly DOUBLE. So we ended up also getting her sizable gift certificates to her two favorite shops and a very nice bottle of champagne. You should’ve seen her face. “You guys didn’t get me that red bag!?!” I really hope someone got a picture of that moment. (I was too busy jumping up and down and squealing.) There are a few other write-ups and photos at Fee’s, Mary-Helen’s, and Ailsa‘s sites.

I really can’t say enough good things about the folks at Mimi Berry. They were very prompt in communicating with me via email, and they were able to send out the bag in plenty of time. Oh, and it’s GORGEOUS. I actually gasped when I opened it up and saw the shocking blue silk lining. If I was going to splurge on a bag, I’d definitely get one of theirs.


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  1. Thanks so much, Kris, for organising this. It really was the perfect present.

  2. omg I still cannot believe you all bought me the bag, and the other vouchers too. I am still recovering from the surprise.

    Thank you again

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