David Coursey of ZDNet wonders “Should foreign workers get the boot when Americans hurt?” My biggest complaint about the article is that it ignores Americans who are working overseas. He makes it sound like America is the only possible destination for the “best and brightest” workers. Meanwhile here I am in the U.K., watching the tech sector collapse and praying that I don’t get the axe. I’ve seen British co-workers get laid off, and they simply shrug and start to look again. I’ve also seen an American friend’s U.K. company go under, which meant his stay in England (and his relationship with a South African) was over. Coursey doesn’t realize that when people travel overseas to work, it isn’t just a job. They make a new life. All companies need to realize that when they import labor, that person is basically reorganizing his life to the company’s benefit. The least they can do is respect that.