Sick. I knew I was tempting fate by saying I was getting back on track with my running. I got a tickle in my throat Monday evening at 5pm, and within 24 hours it had exploded across my head. My nose alternates between being completely clogged and running like a faucet, and my eyes are streaming. My throat is sore. My head feels like it has doubled in weight. Ugh. I cancelled work; cancelled the cleaners; cancelled everything. I’m at home in bed with a hot water bottle under the covers.

It probably didn’t help that I dragged myself out of bed at 4:30am yesterday for the knitting-on-Sunrise thing. Hoping to get some video for you later…

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  1. Oh darl…..I’m feeling your pain…..sick here too! Wishing you warm hugs and chicken soup….of course served by someone handsome…

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