The Know-It-All

The Know-It-All
I logged in to Facebook before bed last night to see that I had a message in my Inbox. It was from an author called AJ Jacobs, who was trying to track down an obscure short story that he suspected might be by Roald Dahl. I wrote back to confirm that it wasn’t… and then this morning realized that I’ve actually read one of AJ’s books! He wrote The Know-It-All, which I read on vacation in 2007. I felt inspired to help him track down the real story, so I asked MetaFilter this morning and it was cracked within an hour. Fun, huh? So if AJ uses it in a book, you all will know that I helped!

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  1. You must be in Oz or NZ, Monday already.

    Never heard of The Know It All, bodes a peek, thanks.

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