Massage… WITH FEET!

Another unusual massage…
Tonight I left work early to see Dr. Chin at Broadway. I was due for my monthly allergy shot, and I wanted his opinion on my lingering cough. Well, half of Ultimo was backed up in his waiting room so I had a lot of time to kill. I headed next door for a massage.

My masseuse was a deceptively tiny Chinese lady. She noticed my stiff lower back and right hip at once, and I explained about seeing the physio for this running issue. At this point I was expecting the dreaded-but-usual ass massage. Instead she put a towel on my back and began drawing the curtains around the table. (Very unusual, since this place is in the middle of a mall. Hardly a private spa!) Then I heard her kick off her shoes and climb on the table. “You’re…uh… Goin’ up there?!” I asked. “Is it okay?” What the hell. So I finally had the mythical massage where the tiny lady WALKS ON YOU. For reals. I was torn between being weirded out (because you know I have a thing about feet) and reveling in one of the Best. Massages. Ever. Seriously, it was good. She mostly balanced one foot on my sacrum/lower back and used the other one to work my spine and knots. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t experienced it. It’s definitely only for those that like a strong massage though. Now we just have to see if I can actually move tomorrow…


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  1. sounds GREAT!! It sounds like you and I have running knots in similar places – I need to find me a small chinese woman!!

  2. When I was little I used to do this for my mom all the time, she had chronic back problems and LOVED when I walked on her back.

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