Knitters’ Tea Party

Me and FeeKnitters’ Tea Party
Today I met up with 11 other frocked-up knitters for high tea at Harrogate Teas in Pyrmont. The event was organised by the amazing Jody as a special outing for the regulars at the Thursday night Morris & Sons SnB group. Over the course of three hours, we enjoyed numerous sandwiches, scones with jam and clotted cream, petit fours and chocolates, and lots of tea. (There were also several bottles of bubbly being passed around, but this sickie took a pass.) It was lovely! We knitted and chatted and tweeted and amused the heck out of some American tourists. There were also many photos taken…

Lee and sandwiches   Sandwiches and tea   Miss Fee
JP and scones   Scones   Sue taking a photo
Lyn, Barbara, and Ness   Sweets   Ness


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  1. i looked at this post on my phone. the photo of the little guy through the cake stand? i thought those sandwiches were an enormous, elaborate afghan that he’d knitted and was holding out to show everyone. and i thought, “what a cute little guy and his cute blanket!” seriously.

  2. so much fun cramed into one afternoon – and you can see it in the photos

  3. Looks like you guys had heaps of fun! and Ness wore the hat like she promised! woo!! 😀

  4. And Jane wore a cloche! Perfect..

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