Mean people suck

Jeez. The knitting world has been rocked by this post over at Yarn Harlot, where she details the harrassment she’s been dealing with from a reader/commenter who doesn’t like her. If you’re visible on the Internet and you dare to utter an opinion on anything, there is someone who will take extreme offense to it. (And haven’t I learned that lesson recently…) I checked out the Twitter stream of the woman harrassing YH, and man, what a nutbar. A nutbar wrapped in pro-American jingoism, too. Depressing.


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  1. Good Lord A-mighty, what a whacko.

    Reading some of the emails actually reminds me of someone I know in “Real Life”, scarily enough. Well “knew” I guess would be a better way of putting since, thankfully, I have managed to extricate them from my life.

    And, of course, she had to be American. :sigh:

  2. I identified a nutbar warning sign a good while ago: using lots of different fonts and/or colours in blog postings. This rule of thumb has stood me in good stead, and it hasn’t failed me this time either.

  3. What a loon.

    I really don’t understand how someone can waste so much of their time hounding someone else on the internet. Really I just don’t understand why people get any joy out of being so mean.

    I wonder by what definition of “Christian” she operates under…

    Poor YH.

  4. It reminds me of a blog that I used to read regularly several years ago. She was cool and I liked her a lot. Tragically, she lost a couple friends in the September 11th terrorist attacks. After that, her blog changed. I gave it the better part of a year, knowing that she’d been through something really traumatic. She wanted vengeance. She became an apologist for every rights violation of the Bush administration. She wrapped herself in the flag and called anyone who disagreed with her anti-American. Her blog became an echo chamber. Her grief changed her from someone willing to give other people the benefit of the doubt, to someone whose fear made her shrill and irrational. I wondered when she’d decide that I wasn’t being a good American. Eventually I gave up and dropped the bookmark, and I haven’t been back since.

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