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I’ve gotten in the habit of just hitting “share” on interesting links in Google reader rather than actually, you know, blogging them. Sorry about that.

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  1. i love the share button and appreciate every time you push it!!!!

  2. Hahaha… I forget that there are other people there than just the Snook. Most of them are intended just for him. (Hence all the random beer and nerd-related items.)

  3. I’m sure you could write an AJAX widget to pull recetly-shared items into your sidebar.

  4. Can you tell him to speak English please? 😉

  5. I use google reader too – how do I find your share items?

  6. I was able to interpret. I’m also AWESOME, so I did what he suggested. 🙂

  7. Check down on the right on the home page. There’s a link. Otherwise you should be able to see it on my profile:

  8. ta – I’ve only been looking at the “archived” blog posts so i didn’t see your reader widget 🙂

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