Nerd Boyfriend

Nerd Boyfriend. I like the concept (hardly surprising; I’m like the target demographic for that site) but some of those guys are patently not nerds. Humphrey Bogart? Paul McCartney? The list needs more curating. (And besides, F*** Yeah Men in Suits is still better.)


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  1. real men wear suits is a must-read for me… hehehe.

  2. Whoa, Jack London in tightw whiteys? That was unexpected. Also, I agree that they need to be a little bit stricter with their definition of nerd. James Dean? Not a nerd. Leonard Nimoy? He can stay on the list.

  3. I am a nerd. Who wears a suit to work five days a week. Yet neither of this seems to avail me much in my meatspace life…sigh.

    Also, Bogey’s definitely not a nerd, nor is Gregory Peck. But Paul probably is.

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