Wedding Reception
Steph and Eva’s party at Kam Fook was unbelievable. There were well over a hundred people there, and somehow we were seated at the central table next to the wedding party. That’s where all of our friends were, so it was just perfect. Eva’s decorations were beautiful! We had champagne and wine while we listened to speeches from the families. (Interestingly, one of Eva’s relatives stood on stage and translated into Cantonese for the non-English speakers. She then came over and translated Eva’s Dad’s speech into English for us.) Everyone took pictures as Steph and Eva cut the cake, and we laughed as they had to play the usual embarrassing reception games before everyone. And the food… THE FOOD! We were having THIRTEEN COURSES of the most amazing food! First was suckling pig, which is apparently a Chinese wedding tradition. We each got a couple pieces of beautiful crackling along with the succulent meat. Then there was a beautiful deep fried seafood fritter, served with mayonnaise. I loved that one. They just kept coming. Silky sweet crab meat with asparagus… abalone with mushroom… coral trout… lobster… shark fin soup! I ate it all, and it was all so, so good. Eventually the night wound to a close and we staggered off to catch a cab home. What a great party. Thank you, Steph and Eva, for sharing your special day with all of us!

Finally together with the bride and groom!