Sweetness the Patisserie

For my sister: At the Farmer’s Market on Saturday, I was excited to see that Sweetness the Patisserie had a stall. I dragged the Snook through the crowds to talk to the owner. “I’ve read so much about you on Grab Your Fork!” I said. “Your marshmallows are supposed to be divine.” “Would you like to try one?” She gave us each a small piece from her sample jar. It was so light and delicate and lovely. I promptly bought three sample packs of different flavours. So far we’ve tried the toasted coconut. They are the best marshmallows I’ve ever had. Very light and squidgy and almost moist inside, without that heavy rubberiness of the grocery store variety. These are special marshmallows to be savored, preferably with a cup of hot chocolate.


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  1. They did look fantastic but I had already loaded up on awesome cupcakes before I found the marshmallow stall. Next time…

    Did you go into Carriageworks? My hubby worked on the Hosts which is on there at the moment.

  2. Her shop is close to where I live, but I try not to go near there too often. Her passionfruit marshmallows are to die for. Never tasted anything like them. AND she’s a really lovely woman.

  3. Apparently from America! That’s what the woman running the stall at the Market told me. Chicago area, too.

  4. She wad at the gluten free expo on Saturday too!! Busy woman. I’m scoffing down her macaroons today .. Yummm

  5. She’s from Alaska – and absolutely NOTHING like Sarah Palin, who is the only other Alaskan woman I know of!

  6. how funny…just now reading this (*after* the email i sent, mentioning marshmallows…mine were passion fruit too, from http://www.bonbonbar.com/products-marshmallows.html) — Gourmet magazine called them the best marshmallows they’d ever had. i concur!

  7. Gena the owner of SWEETNESS The Patisserie here. I’ve just read where Ruth Reichl said Bon Bon Bar’s Passionfruit Marshmallows were the best she’d ever tasted. I’m sending her some from SWEETNESS….

    Love reading the string of comments!


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