St. Brigid

Thinking about the Easter Show. Thinking about St. Brigid. Thinking about making it fitted, like this or this. Thinking about wools. Thinking…

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  1. mmm yes and I really like the purple too.

    Frankly Aran scares me, I need to find a small child size aran cardi to start me off.

  2. I was planning on making St Brigid for the Easter Show too. I was going to do a set in sleeve version too. But, to be honest, there’s no way I’m going to have time. So, you do it and I’ll watch! (and cheer!)

    You’re not planning on a Morrigan in the 5 ply category as well are you?

    It’s certainly a good time to start thinking about it though.

  3. Ooh, I like the Morrigan… but I need a chunky one to match the Snook’s. You take the Morrigan, I’ll take the Starmore. 🙂

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