Wuthering Heights

The latest edition of Wuthering Heights has a special new cover… BWAHAHAHAHA! “Bella and Edward’s favorite book.” BRILLIANT. I don’t get why the literature fans are so upset. The thought of tween vampire fans getting tricked into reading Bronte gives me great delight. (Kate Bush should be cashing in on this too!)


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  1. I find this quite funny and Whuthering heights is possibly my favourite book.

    If only Edward was as demented as Heathcliff maybe I could force myself to read the Twilight series.

    Is he? I’ve only seen the Twilight movie and I’m not convinced.

  2. He’s pretty demented.

  3. the movie doesn’t come close. he’s demented.

    and to think i know women who think he is perfect… in every way.

  4. I’d be more annoyed that they spelt ‘favourite’ wrong

  5. OK, I should read the books, I suppose.

    Imagine if Heathcliff had sparkled as he ran across the moors…Not that the sun shines much in Yorkshire.

  6. The idea of Heathcliff sparkling has made me actually laugh out loud.

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