Cherry 2000

Cherry 2000
I’ve been watching way too much Mad Men, really. (And I just realised that I now look a lot more like my header portrait drawn by Matt!)

Cherry 2000

Whaddaya think? (The Snook is a big fan.)


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  1. Bathroom job or hairdressers? Either way, a lovely vibrant red. I bet you positively glow in the sunshine. It’s good!

    Now all you need are a few tight fitting dresses and a swing to your hips, a bit of an up do and you’ll be Joan.

  2. Lovely! I thought it was going to be shorter, from what you said, but I really like it!

  3. I love it! Maybe when I’m down there we can go to your hairstylist and I can do something different with my hair for once. Disclaimer: I am not willing to bring back the mullet.

  4. Love, love the hair.

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