The Original Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine

When I was a kid, every Sears catalog in my Grandma Veva’s house had the Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine circled as a desirable Christmas gift. I never got one. And now, NOW, somebody is selling them? I can buy one for my very own? My inner 8-year-old is cheering. (Link courtesy of Gael, who rightly describes it as “the toy we all wanted, but never got.”)


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  1. Very cool! Take photos if you get one.

    We just went to Professor Plum’s at crows nest and got Adrian a Drinking Bird which he has wanted for ages. AND astronaut ice cream and ice cream sandwiches! Fun!

  2. I had a sno-cone machine that didn’t have Snoopy on it but worked the same way as that. It did make pretty cool sno-cones!

  3. ok – I posted that, then I looked up. The box for said sno-cone maker was on the bookshelf near me… and it has all the pieces inside. Looks like it would still work too!

  4. I totally had that sno-cone maker growing up!! I never really how privileged my childhood was… It’s definitely more fun to own than to use unless you can get someone else to work it for you. I just remember my arm killing me from pressing down on Snoopy to get the ice to grind… good times.

  5. All I remember is how awkward it was to use that little snow shovel scoop. I don’t think we used it much.

  6. Stop messing about? Sno-Cones?

    You’re forgetting the reason why Prometheus brought the secret of ice down from the Gods:


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