Portrait of the Blogger as a Young Woman

Me in Grade 3Portrait of the Blogger as a Young Woman
Next week I’ve been invited to visit my nephew Kurt’s school to talk to 120 year three students about Roald Dahl. I’m putting a little presentation together, mostly of photos from when the Snook and I visited Gipsy House in 2000. I thought it would be cute to include a picture of me when I was in third grade, since that’s when my own interest in Dahl began. So I emailed my Mom today and she dug out my school pictures in her basement. This one was taken in the short window between when I got glasses in third grade and when we chopped my hair off (and spiral permed it) in fourth grade. See? I’m naturally a “dishwater blonde,” as we say in Indiana.


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  1. NO. Do not perpetuate that awful phrase used jealously by non-blondes to somehow degrade those who have naturally blonde hair. I have had so many bitchy women refer to me as “dishwater blonde” in a certain tone of voice that I can no longer stand to hear the term.

    But the picture’s pretty cute.

  2. Interesting! I didn’t realise it had any negative connotation. It’s listed on Wikipedia as an recognised “sub-category” of blonde. Do people really use it in a mean way??

  3. Cute RT!

    I prefer the term “dirty blonde.”

  4. where is the monogram decal on those glasses? did you airbrush it out or something, or was that the next pair? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA……….love ya!

  5. That is a lovely pic. You had a great smile even back then. It’s funny how the specs date a photo. And I’d have called your hair ‘light brown’.

  6. love the photo Kris – you look so cute and fresh

    and love the term dishwater blonde too

  7. Aim – That’s the first thing I said too! But they’re not there, even on the high-res one she sent. I seem to remember that we got the stickers when I first got the glasses, so they *should* be there… Maybe I scraped ’em off? This could be fourth grade before I got my hair cut.

    It was mostly light brown, M-H, but it did go lighter in the summer. (Especially if I put lemon juice on it…)

  8. Oh, how cruel is eyewear! I had some really iffy frames, which I thought were so good at the time. Horrors.

    But other than than, you’re quite the cutie-pie.

  9. Hey, you’re *so* recognisable! Lovely pic.

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