Coles Broadway

Submitted as actual feedback to the Coles website:

“I’d like to complain about the ongoing remodeling efforts at Coles Broadway. Look, I get it was time for a refurb. The shopping center may in fact have demanded it. But the way it’s being done has turned my weekly shop into a complete nightmare. I now actively dislike going to the store. It’s not the construction; it’s the layout. It doesn’t take a cynic to immediately notice that the milk has been strategically moved to the spot farthest from the entrance. The dairy has been split up with butter and cheese at one end of the store with the veg, and yogurt clear at the opposite end with the milk. The new cases for the meat are only half as high and the different meats are not clearly defined. I have to lean over and peer at each and every shelf in an aisle crowded with other confused customers. No one knows where anything is anymore! Customers are forced to wander up and down every single aisle, which appears to have been by design. On my last visit, I saw an employee whose sole function appeared to be helping customers find things in the store. THIS IS BAD DESIGN, and it makes me want to switch to a supermarket that is not openly antagonistic towards their customers.”


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  1. The new Coles they recently opened near me has the same sort of bad layout with the meat in tiny cases and dairy in two different places. I hate going there.

  2. I hate going in there and use Harris Farm and BiLo instead, a little less frustration.

  3. I hated before because of the off putting smell coming from the Deli… If that can be dealt with I may forgive them for confusing me everytime I go in there… The redesigned Wollies at Leichhardt recently refurbed and had to have several people with beauty pageant sashes pointing everyone to the new location of groceries…

  4. It is worth noting that Broadway Shopping Centre has two supermarkets Coles and Bi-Lo that are both owned by Coles – there is no grocery competition but instead a monopoly owned by Coles. This decision by the centre owners demonstrates complete disregard for consumers – the people who are the customers they want to visit the shops in their centre.

  5. That sounds similar to the complaints lodged against the way Walmart is remodeling all its stores. When you walk in the grocery-side door, you can see the milk sign all the way at the back of the store.

  6. And they’ve changed it again! Every time I go in there it’s been rearranged. Now all the racks at the back (that used to be milk, then we were changed to Coke) are now gone and full of “ethnic” foods.

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