(Warning, extreme grossness ahead.) Ugh. Nastiness. Either I’ve caught a bug or else I’m still weak from the blood loss Thursday. Regardless, I’m in bad shape. We ventured into Central London today for the long-awaited ex-girlfriend meeting (more on that later, but the short version is that it went fine) and I unwisely chose to start off the day with an icy coffee slushy. I couldn’t even finish it. It was so hot and humid and pretty soon my skin started to get cold and clammy all over. After parting from the Aussies, we successfully purchased The Sims House Party and Amy’s digital camera but that was it for me. Amy, Snookums and I stopped in a pub for a cold drink but my stomach was having none of it. Shaky, weak, and feeling icky, I headed for the Tube with the others in tow. How I survived on that rocking train for so long is beyond me. In the end, though, the train won. Let’s just say that being sick on the London Underground in a Tower Records bag is not the best way to start off a three-day weekend. *sniff* I want my Mommy.


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  1. i’m so sorry, hon’! i can only assume by your surprise that this is not the result of having had a late night…i hope you feel better soonest!

  2. Nope. I was very good on Friday, stayed in and watched “Pecker” with Amy and Rodd. I think this had more to do with it. I’ve been dehydrated and I hadn’t eaten anything all day and the heat just killed me. At home I took a nap and kept sipping water at Rodd’s insistence. He also made me eat dinner later, which helped more than anything. I feel so much better today. It’s so nice to have somebody to take care of you.

  3. GetWellSoon Ferret

    August 26, 2001 — 5:28 pm

    hope you’re ok. I’m think I’m glad I didn’t follow you guys into London on Sat.

  4. it sounds like it. and i know from experience that riding enclosed public trasnpo when you’re hot and dehydrated is a very unsettling experience.

    funny thing is, i think pecker was on comedy central over here on friday! you guys don’t get that channel overseas, do yas?

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