Christmas Tea PartyKnitters’ Christmas Tea Party
I went to a tea party! The regular Thursday night crowd from the Morris & Sons SnB all met up on Saturday afternoon at Harrogate Teas. We nibbled on sandwiches, sipped a variety of teas, and guzzled our weights in champagne. (I’m serious.) It was so much fun! We also had a “Kris Kringle” swap of decorations, where I got a lovely sparkly dove ornament. And of course, we all frocked up. I’m wearing a vintage “Jonathan Summers” dress that Ma Snook gave me last year. (Everyone joked that I looked like a Stepford Wife.) Lyn has some great photos here, or read on for mine…Miss Fee
Miss Fee in a fabulous floral headpiece…

Alison and Sue
Alison and Sue prove that there is no occasion too formal for the winding of wool…

Lee was a fabulous organiser and looked so smart in his green scarf!

Jody, Donna, and Ailsa
Jody knits along with our distant visitors Donna and Ailsa

Ness, Jody, and Lyn
Recent graduate Ness chats with Jody and Lyn

Group shot
A room full of happy and talkative knitters!