St. Brigid

St. Brigid
The honeymoon period with St. Brigid is officially over. Last night I suddenly became aware of how painfully slow it is. Those cable sections? They’re 24-row repeats and EVERY ROW IS DIFFERENT. No memorisation allowed. I’m 50 rows in, but the back is meant to be 178 rows long. Given how tight my row gauge is, I’m probably going to have to lengthen it too. So conservatively I’m about one-fifth of the way through the back, which means I’m one-tenth of the way through the whole body… and given how ginormous the sleeves are, that’ll add a fair bit… so… KILL ME NOW.


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  1. oh no
    it could be your guild meeting knitting….

  2. No gain without pain. But you will be able to read the cables after a couple of repeats, and then it will go faster.

  3. But think of how totally and completely awesome it will be when you’re done. You’ll walk down the street and muggles will say “hey, nice sweater”… er, jumper. And then, one day, a knitting will see you on the street and burst into tears and bow down to your knitting prowess and it will all be worth it. At least that’s what I’m telling myself as I’m working up the yarn to knit a Brigid myself.

  4. And by “knitting” I totally meant to type “knitter.”

  5. Hang in there it will become easier once you get your head around the pattern.

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