I won a major award!

I won a major award! Well okay, it’s not a leg lamp, but it is an awesome cookbook! Not Quite Nigella announced a contest last month to give away four copies of the new Buon Ricordo cookbook. The Snook and I both love Armando Percuoco’s food (based on this and this) so I decided to give it a shot. I left the 9th comment out of 176… and I just found out tonight that mine was one of the four chosen! YAY! (She mentions that there’s a recipe for Timballo in there. The Snook and I may be in for a Big Christmas…)

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  1. fun! yay! oh and i thought i had left a comment on your knitting tea party but it didn’t show up. I LOVE that pink dress you are wearing. so adorable!

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