Knitters’ Festive Season Celebration

JP, Me, and SandraKnitters’ Festive Season Celebration
Saturday was a banner day in the Sydney knitting community. First we had the final Inner City Guild meeting for the year, a massive affair that topped out at forty people! I’ve put some photos up on the IC website. We had some amazing food, with Tia’s Christmas Cake Balls as my personal favourite. After the meeting, about half of us headed across the road to the Sidewalk Cafe at the Opera House. Sue had organised a summer “knitting in public” event for us billed as the “Sydney Festive Season Celebration.” We had a Kris Kringle gift swap (I got some yummy snickerdoodles!) and spent the afternoon knitting and chatting in the sunshine. Crowds of people drifted past as they left Handel’s “Messiah” and did double-takes as they saw 20 people knitting. (Many thought we were doing some sort of charity event.) It was a lovely day, even if I did get sunburnt on the back of my shoulders! There are photos over at Bells’s site.


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  1. I wish I could of been there all day – but it was great to catch up with you all towards the end

  2. And I remembered on Sunday that it was Saturday. I walked back to the carpark “overland”, so missed you all. D’oh!

  3. mmm christmas cake balls. i saw your sunburn when you walked away, hope you are recovering ok!

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