Wedding Rings

I liked it, so I put a ring on it.
After five years of being married, the Snook and I finally have wedding rings! We just picked them up today.

Our rings

They’re platinum and each one features the other’s fingerprint, stretched out around the band. They were designed by my friend Candi Robertson of Candi Precious Jewelry. They’re shiny, shiny nerd rings and I absolutely love them.

Our rings - the back

The backs of the rings feature a timestamp in hexadecimal: “419F E890”. That’s the exact time we got married five years ago. (Candi was dubious at first, but now she loves the idea.)

Our rings

I got to see the rings in raw form a couple weeks ago, and I’m amazed at the change. Candi did such a good job of polishing and finishing them. If you need any jewelry at all, I highly recommend calling her up!


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  1. Gorgeous! I love them.

    Congrats to you and the Snook on the lovely rings :o)

  2. AWESOME! They look fantastic!

  3. They are absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Ditto to all the above

  5. We need rings. I like the fingerprint idea. Hmmmm…

  6. Congratulations on the 5 years! The rings are lovely and truly yours and yours alone.

  7. Beautiful on their own but so much more so by how thoughtful and meaningful they are. Love them!

  8. oh they’re fantastic! Genius nerdy rings!

  9. They’re beautiful! Nerdy and meaningful can only be a good combination.

  10. Very nice – congratulations 🙂

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