Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap
Friday night the Snook and I met up after work for an early dinner at Baja Cantina. Every time we’ve been lately they’re full up, but luckily they managed to squeeze us in. (I hate local restaurants that take bookings; it should only be fancy places!) I had an excellent pork chimichanga, while the Snook had the chicken molé. I spent the rest of the night preparing for Saturday’s Guild meeting. We got up super early Saturday and drove the GoGet wagon over to Flemington Markets. We needed more supplies from Ace Ohlsson for the garden, and we also stopped in at Bunnings Ashfield on the way home for compost. Back in the city, I headed off for the Guild meeting. We had 40 people again! It was a good meeting (though I worry that I overmoderate). Afterwards Rose and Geraldine (the other Guild officers) and I met up to work out the workshop schedule for the rest of the year. By the time I got home, I was bushed. I ended up zonking out on the couch for most of the afternoon! Sunday was dedicated to work in the garden. The full update will probably be a post of its own, but basically we pulled out a few dead/old plants, mixed up a new batch of Mel’s Mix, topped up our planters, laid down mulch over everything, and planted a few new things. All on an extremely hot day! I also managed a 6.5km run at midday, and we did a big shop at Broadway in the evening. And people wonder why I always look tired on Monday mornings…

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  1. Sandra and I discussed this very thing on Saturday evening – specifically how enjoyable the meetings are, and we don’t think you over-moderate. So I think you’re doin’ it right.

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