Flying the Expandable Object

Flying the Expandable Object
We finally had time on a non-rainy day to try out one of the kites we got for Christmas from my Dad and Cindy. This is a Prism Expandable Object, and it’s one of the weirder kites I’ve ever seen. It’s this flat, lightweight thing that springs up into this three-dimensional shape. It’s meant to be really easy to fly. Unfortunately today was really gusty, so we had a hard time keeping it stable!

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  1. I haven’t see that sort of kite before, looks very interesting!

    Man, it’s been ages since I’ve flown any of my kites. I will admit my preference in kite is more of the two string variety & on a day where if you jump up you won’t be in the same position when you land 😀

    Also thanks for the link, they have 4 string stunt kites! I’ve been trying to find those for YEARS!

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