Spencer Tunick and public nudity

Spencer Tunick and public nudity
You know that famous artist, the one who takes huge group photos of naked people in famous locations? Yeah, he’s coming to Sydney. He needs volunteers for a photo to be taken at the Opera House. Oh yeah, we’re doing it. This comes at a pretty opportune time. I’ve been undergoing a real attitude change towards my body in the past year. I’m not at my “ideal” BMI/weight, but this seems to be the weight where I’m happiest. I feel fit and strong. I like my curves. Looking at the scale in the morning doesn’t wreck my whole day anymore. I think I’m ready to get naked in public with hundreds of other people. I’m think I’m finally proud and happy in my own skin.

As for the Snook, apparently public nudity was a big theme of his college years. So it didn’t take much convincing to get him on board.


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  1. Yay! I mean yay for you being confident in yourself!

  2. weeee i am so there with bells on and nothing else……

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