Guerilla Knitting

Ready to laugh? I got an email this morning inviting me to be in a documentary about “guerilla knitting.” The filmmaker needs somebody to represent the “against” side, of course. Not wanting to open that particular can of worms again, I declined. I am particularly proud of the conclusion of my reply though: “I have more important things to do with my time than give them the sweet tingles of condemnation that they secretly crave.” Good luck, kid.


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  1. oh go on – fan the flames

  2. hahaha… you could do it 90’s ACA “witness protection” style… the disguised voice and darkended room!

  3. errr…. darkended?

    I meant darkened…

    *mental slap across the wrist*

  4. great response! I think you were right to not go there. No need really. Let’s not cause division in the knitting world!

  5. The filmmaker offered to let me record audio which he would then play over video of a SOCK PUPPET. I didn’t even dignify that one with a response. 🙂

    (Note: I’m not attributing any malice to the guy; he seems dedicated on making the project as “fair and balanced” as possible while also keeping it funny. I’m just not interested in being a caricature of some grouchy knitter who can’t see how “COOL” and “SUBVERSIVE” guerilla knitting is. I see it. I just don’t care about it.)

  6. Don’t give them my details, please! 🙂 There was another article in the smh (Sydney magazine pullout) about it last week. I have nothing against the gks personally, but come on: sticking a striped tube round a pole is art, but designing and making a complex lace shawl is ‘only’ craft? There’s a lot of wankery involved, methinks.

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