This weekend vs. next weekend

This weekend or next weekend? Ahh, the dreaded “this” vs. “next” debate. Contrary to what Kelly McMahon and the Snook would have you believe…

“Next weekend” always occurs after “this weekend”. It never occurs before it. Since “this weekend” is never in the past, that means that “next weekend” will occur a week after the “this [forthcoming] weekend.” Anybody who thinks that “next weekend” is less than a week away is forgetting that “this weekend” exists. [source]

I really couldn’t agree more!


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  1. That’s totally how I do it too! Great stuff!

    THIS weekend I have housework to do, NEXT weekend I have Knitters Guild and fun to have!


  2. I’m with you!

    But it is ever-confusing.

  3. Great explination! This weekend is the Superbowl, next weekend is Valentine’s Day.

  4. I’m surprised Snook has a position on this. I’ve found that Aussies refer to ‘the weekend’ as being either the one prior or the one coming up (depending on tense) and ‘next’ is of course the weekend requiring clarification with actual dates. (‘this weekend’ only exists on Saturday or Sunday IMO)

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