web-goddess Oscar Contest 2010

Oscar Contest 2010Oscar Contest 2010… is open!
The Eighth Annual web-goddess Oscar Contest has finally begun. I’ve added a thirteenth category this year – Best Original Score – to lessen the odds of a tie. As usual, the number of dead people in the obituary montage will be the tiebreaker. And what do you get if you win? Why, it’s a Sparkly Emo Vampire Sockmonkey Playset! (And don’t worry, Twilight-haters. I’ve catered for you too.)

You can go here to make your entry. You can see all the current entries here. The contest will end the minute the ceremony begins! Read on for more photos and details of the prize!

Once upon a time, a girl named Bella fell in love with a very sparkly emo vampire named Edward. He gave her piggy-back rides in the trees.

Oscar Contest 2010 - Bella and Edward

But her long-haired Native American friend Jacob didn’t approve and warned her away.

Oscar Contest 2010 - Bella and Jacob

Bella didn’t care. She and Edward frolicked in a meadow and he sparkled.

Oscar Contest 2010 - In the Meadow

Jacob cut his hair and took to wearing cutoffs and hanging out in the woods in the rain.

Oscar Contest 2010 - Jacob

But what’s this? It’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer! With a flash, she whips out Mr. Pointy and reduces Emo Edward to dust.

Oscar Contest 2010 - Buffy stakes Edward

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. If you win this year’s Oscar Contest, all this melodrama could be yours. You get three different sock monkeys: Edward, Bella/Buffy, and Jacob.

Oscar Contest 2010 - EdwardEdward comes with foofy auburn hair, amber eyes, embroidered six-pack, and a black peacoat. Oh, and he sparkles in the sun.

Oscar Contest 2010 - BellaBella has long brown hair, a grey coat, and a treasured copy of “Wuthering Heights” (with hand-embroidered cover). She’s also very clumsy and lacks any sort of personality. (Just like the books!)

Oscar Contest 2010 - Jacob (Younger)Jacob (in his younger incarnation) has long brown hair, an embroidered six-pack, and a pair of denim cut-offs. He’s friendly and nice and has no idea he has a latent werewolf gene.

Oscar Contest 2010 - Jacob (Older)Later, Jacob gets ripped, cuts his hair, finds out he’s a werewolf, and kinda turns into a jerk. See? You can tell he’s scowling. Poor kid has no idea Renesmee is in his future.

Oscar Contest 2010 - BuffyWith a quick change of wig and the addition of a crucifix, Bella becomes Buffy! Buffy has long blonde hair and a wooden stake. She’s also quick with a pun and has very little patience with mopey emo vampires.

The four wigs (Bella’s long, Buffy’s long, Jacob’s long, and Jacob’s short) all have a strip of Velcro on the underside that corresponds to a strip on the appropriate monkey’s head. You can mix and match to your heart’s content!

Oscar Contest 2010 - Wigs

So whether you’re a Twi-hard or a Twi-hater, there’s something for everyone in the Sparkly Emo Vampire Playset! Don’t forget to enter the Oscar Contest for your chance to win…


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  1. Way too cool interchangable mad vampires – but where are the fangs?

  2. Edward is too gentlemanly to show his fangs, silly!

  3. Most awesome sock monkey prizes yet.

  4. Oh My God. You are a genius!!!

    Dammit I’m going to have to enter the contest even though I haven’t the vaguest clue who will win or indeed who has been nominated…


  5. OMG this is the cutest/coolest thing I ever saw. Plus, I am a hge Buffy fan!

  6. Oh Kris. You’ve either become a sock monkey genius or lost your mind. Either way they are great.

  7. Can you hear me slow-clapping?


  8. I’m going to go with – lost your mind. I’ll still be entering though…

  9. Well, the way I figure it, even if you actually HATE Twilight, you could probably sell these on eBay to some rabid Twihard and make a bundle of cash! 🙂

    Thanks for the great comments everybody!

  10. i think YOU should be selling these on ebay and making a bundle of cash. for realz.

  11. excellent!! you’ve really outdone yourself this year, RT.

  12. i entered the contest solely so i had a chance to win this playset. i even researched the deaths in hollywood, just so i can maybe play buffy sticking it to edward, again and again and again…..

  13. Has anyone had trouble entering? Once I fill out the ballot and hit submit it says address not found. I’ve tried a few times now on 2 different computers but got the same thing..:(

  14. That’s really weird, Sara. I’ve only heard of one other person having difficulty, and nearly 180 have entered so far. What browser/OS are you using?

    If all else fails, email me your answers (kris @ my domain name) and I’ll manually enter your info. 🙂

  15. Tried a third computer and it worked! Weird.

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