RunningBlog: Week 9

Week 9
Things are getting better! Each run my foot seems to be improving. This morning I only had a little niggle, with no tenderness under the ball of my foot at all. Unfortunately my speed is still way, way down from being sick. If I keep my heart rate below 145, my time per kilometer is anywhere from 30-60s SLOWER than it was a month ago. It’s frustrating, but it’s oddly gratifying to know that I had that fitness to lose in the first place. I’ll get it back.

Feb. 26: 5.18km
Feb. 28: 8.06km
Mar. 2: 5.14km
Total this week: 18.38km
Total in 2010: 170.41km (106.5mi)

To meet my 1000km goal, I should be 173km. So I’m pretty much right where I need to be!


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  1. Niggle? I love those slang terms.

    Many trainers have said that speed is not as important as simply finishing during training, so I wouldn’t worry much about that. Keep at it.

  2. I’d have to agree with Adam on this one. At least you’re getting yourself out there again. Enjoy yourself outhere 🙂

  3. So, since you use runkeeper, does that mean you don’t do the Nike+ anymore? I started running again. Joe’s cousin Rose & a new friend from work (Anush, from India) and I are going to run the Sunburst 5k. Notice the word “run” NOT walk!

  4. No, I haven’t used my Nike+ in about a year. You want to do a challenge? There are a couple websites we can use… 🙂

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