St. Brigid

St. Brigid is blocking
The Show is rapidly approaching! Time to get this sucker finished. I started by dunking the front and the back in cold water and making sure they were totally saturated. Then I gently squeezed out a bit of the water before rolling each piece in a towel. Carefully I stepped all over it til the towel was soaked, removing a lot of the water. The pieces were then pinned out to the pattern’s measurements. I freaked out a little bit at first because the squares look so big! But when I compared them to Na Craga, they’re only slightly bigger. (Which is good, as I have boobs and the Snook doesn’t.) So I think that will be okay. It was hard to get a decent shot with the crapping lighting in my office, but I don’t think I’ve lost any stitch definition. As soon as these are dry, I’ll do the sleeves. (I ran out of pins!) Then it’s time to start sewing up!

St. Brigid - blocking

Incidentally, I am LOVING that I had the forethought to use spit-splicing on this thing. I have like five ends to weave in there. That’s brilliant.

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  1. It looks BRILLIANT!!! Well done!

  2. That looks.


    I see celtic knotwork in that, and you *made* that? OMG …

    I have no idea half of the terms you used here, but that is *Amazing*

    What is the end result of this going to be?

    (Said in a fatherly voice),


  3. Aww, thanks Ted! It should end up looking something like this… but without the fringe at the bottom and without the sticky-uppy mock turtleneck bit on the collar.

  4. A lady of many many talents. Oh and sorry for not poking at you more during E04 of my PC. I had a heck of a time staying on task with all of the wind and road noise. I promise I’ll do better next time 🙂

  5. Isn’t spit splicing the best thing ever!! That looks fantastic!

  6. I am a spit splice virgin – lessons please

    Looks great Kris – fab job

  7. Heh. That’s the topic for the April Guild meeting!

    But there’s not much to it. Thin the end of each piece a little, then twist them together. Place in your hand, SPIT, then rub together like mad til it felts. Then go wash your hands. 🙂

  8. it looks AMAZING!! go the spit splice, remind me about that again next time i bitch about ends.

  9. Awesome Kris, well done, can’t wait to see it with a ribbon at the show (I hope – as I’m not a judge having not submitted my cv to be one I doubt I have been chosen)! Thanks to Ted’s comments for reminding us how much jargon we aquire as knitters…

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