Na Craga

Na Craga
It’s finished! I dragged the Snook out for a photoshoot this morning. There’s a slight visible line from my drying rack across the front, but I’ve already steamed it out for Show delivery. The light was too nice not to go for the photographs right away.

Na Craga (Finished!)

As I said on Ravelry, I kinda feel like crying a little bit, like when I finished my first half-marathon. This WAS a marathon. Getting to the finish line is just such a relief. Regardless of whether it wins anything, I think this may be the knitting project that I am most proud of. Thanks to all you guys for your great comments, advice, and encouragement.

More photos are on my Ravelry project page and on Flickr. Read on for the technical details.The pattern is “Na Craga” from Alice Starmore’s Aran Knitting. Unfortunately the book is out-of-print and used copies sell for hundreds of dollars. Luckily a kind Raveler was willing to share hers with me so I could knit it.

I ended up using 19 skeins of Naturally Harmony 10ply. The last skein (used for the collar) is a different dye lot, but I can’t spot the difference at all. The twisted ribbing was done on 4.5mm needles, with the body and sleeves being done on 5mm. It took me nearly four months to do the actual knitting, and then the sewing up took another two weeks. It’s being entered in the 2009 Sydney Royal Easter Show Arts Competition in class #119 (Aran Knitting). I’ll update if/when it wins a prize!

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  1. Looks fantastic – and geez it just grew the right amount with blocking, I reckon (sorry, I’ve suddenly come over all Australian, don’t know what happened there!)

  2. I think you have done the most amazing job Kris and you should be proud and feel like the end of a marathon. You have a blue ribbon from me.

  3. This sweater is so beautiful!

  4. Wow, sis. I’m soooo, impressed. And me with my unfinished 1/2 sock in the drawer

  5. Kris this is a fantasic job. You should be justifiably proud. Awesome work!

  6. Lovely. Looking forward to seeing it in the realz. And I love your twitter stream from the meeting. 🙂

  7. That’s amazing Kris. Really, really well done. My fingers hurt just thinking of all those cables. If it doesn’t win it will be no reflection on the jumper, but the judges. But then I have never forgiven them for the kitty cardi. Well done & best of British, lovie.

  8. awesome! Snook better wear the damn thing hehe

  9. I made this years back with handspun wool, the tension was fine but the wool was too heavy and the back hung away from the body. Tried more elastic in the rib to no avail. Sigh. It sits forlorn & unworn in the cupboard.

  10. I can’t believe people can do that with a couple of chop sticks and some string! It is something that I cannot comprehend someone first of all ever thought could be done, and second someone (you) went along and did it. Bravo! Mine would look something like it you scribbled all over a paper with a pen; that would be the outcome of my endeavor. Not wearable like your’s of course.

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