“Hmmm. I need to open an envelope. What could I possibly use? Oh yeah, James Marsters’s cheekbones.”

(That’s the official cast pic for the new season of Buffy. They all look pretty crappy, except for Spike, of course. Yum.)


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  1. yikes–what horrible lighting! and is it just me or does Giles look photoshopped in?

    but yeah, my undeead boyfriend is looking pretty swell these days…tho he’s either sucking his cheeks in a bit too much or is in desperate need of a blood pudding or three.

  2. I totally thought the exact same thing about Giles! It’s like they just have a cardboard Giles that they stand up in the background. He’s always got the exact same expression and clothes.

    Do not knock the cheekbones. I love the cheekbones. Although, seriously, it looks like it’d hurt if you kissed him. Those things are almost *angular*.

  3. is it me or does spike bear more than a passing resemblance to my other monomonikered british boyfriend

    this more up-to-date pic is another good one i stumbled across. (insert wolf-whistle here)

    J.’s always reminding me that he’s practically 50 but fails to ask if i care. 😉

  4. Could he possibly suck his cheeks in more? Yeowch

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