RunningBlog: Week 15

Week 15
Less than five weeks til the Half Marathon! I received my bib number (#3516) and timing chip in the mail this week. EXCITEMENT. My training has been going well. I mentioned last week that I had a slight speed increase, and that seems to have stuck around. On Sunday I did my longest run in nearly two years: 19km (12 miles)! That one was slow and steady, but it was also on a very warm and sunny day. Yesterday’s run was on a much cooler morning, and I found my pace naturally picked up a bit. I also managed two workouts at Spudds this week that have left my abs feeling beat-up. In terms of actual injuries, my right arch continues to improve. I had some foot stiffness and pain after the long run, but it was actually towards the outside of my foot (where the bone scan had previously shown some inflammation). I’ve been putting anti-inflammatory gel on that and I’ll probably ice it too. I’ve still got one long run to go two weeks before the race: 22.5km (14 miles). That will actually be my longest run EVER! But I’ve got two recovery/speed weeks in the meantime…

April 9: 6.02km
April 11: 19.02km
April 14: 5.83km
Total this week: 30.87km (19.3mi)
Total in 2010: 312.48km (195.3mi)

To meet my goal of running 1000km in 2010, I should be at 288.5km right now. So I’ve built up another cushion!

One thing that’s worrying me is that I’ve entered the Sickness Danger Zone. With both of my previous half-marathons, I’ve caught colds a few weeks out from the race. It’s been really frustrating. I’d speculate that the training is causing me to become a little immuno-compromised. So here I am once again, and this morning the Snook tells me he’s got a sore throat. ACK. How do I keep from getting sick? Obviously sleep and being hydrated are important, so I’m working on those. Is it worth taking any extra vitamins? (I’m guessing it’ll probably only be a placebo at best.) Our office flu shot is coming up. Should I get it? I know it’s not supposed to make you sick, but maybe I’m a little more vulnerable than usual right now? And this paranoia isn’t helping…


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  1. Definately get the flu jab as soon as you can. Some people experience minor side effects (sore joints/muscles) so make sure it’s not too close to any long runs, (this is the voice of bitter experience speaking!). I think it’s worth it rather than risk coming down with the flu so close to a race. I’m thinking about taking some garlic and horseradish tablets and maybe some zinc to boost my immune system over the next few months. A placebo? Maybe. But I’ve never come down with anything during winters where I’ve taken them – so placebo me up baby! Nice work on the long run BTW!

  2. Definitely get the flu jab! It’s very important this year as there are some nasty strains going around. I got mine today, so far so good.

    I tend to take garlic capsules and extra vitamin c to help boost my immune system during winter. Placebo or not – they seem to help! Lots of water and sleep as well. Best of luck :o)

  3. Agree with the above lots of garlic (either in cooking or odourless capsules) and vitamin c. Good luck 🙂

  4. Okay, I got the flu jab this morning. My doctor agreed with JayDub that I might have some side effects, so best to have it now and get it over with while I’ve got some recovery time between long runs.

  5. I recently read that looking at pictures of sick people helps boost your immune system. (From a true scientific study!)

  6. Go to bed early, and eat lots of fruit and veg. Glad the training is going so well!

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