Top 5 Financial Goals

Top 5: Financial Goals All Men Should Make. It’s good advice for anybody, actually. The Snook and I have made a concerted effort to get our financial lives in order over the past couple years. Once my student loan is paid off (which should be happening very soon), all of our debts besides the mortgage will be gone. We’ve got an emergency fund squirreled away; and we both have superannuation funds. (Not that there’s anything special about that; pretty much everyone in Australia has them.) So that’s 4-out-of-5 right there. Anyone want to recommend some good life insurance?

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  1. Apart from the “amass real estate” thing, I agree with all of that. Unless you’re using real estate as an investment only (which is still pretty dicey in Sydney – it’s unlikely you’ll make your money back), you might be better off renting. We used a calculator from the NYTimes and we’re about $2.5million better off renting over 30 years. That’s a fair chunk o’ change….

    Life insurance comes free, or almost free, with a lot of super plans. It’s probably worth while looking in to yours and seeing whether you could just add it on.

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