Still behind.

Well, the depression of last week has lifted but I’m still finding it hard to get moving. I had both a flu shot and an allergy shot last Friday, and I’ve just felt a bit sluggish and flat ever since. My workouts have been frustratingly non-productive. I just feel like I’m fighting everything now. I’m also in desperate denial that I’ve finally caught the Snook’s cold. I’M NOT SICK. I’M NOT SICK. If I repeat it enough times, it’ll be true, right?


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  1. When I was growing up, my mother would never accept that having cold was being ‘sick’. It was just one of the inevitabilities of life and you just had to get on with things. Maybe this is an alternative strategy – you have a cold but you’re not sick?

  2. Thanks Lyn. I’m still practicing strong mental denial. I do think I’m fighting off a few symptoms, but I’m NOT SICK. I even went for a run this morning to prove it to myself. NOT SICK.

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