Geek Girl Runner Episode 006

Geek Girl Runner Episode 006
Welcome to another installment in my increasingly sporadic running podcast! Sorry for that whole month-long delay. Oops. Life caught up to me in April, as you’re about to hear. Thanks again to everyone who’s been in contact in the past weeks; it’s really meant a lot. This episode features: what I’ve been up to when I haven’t been podcasting; my training update; emails, comments, and shoutouts; and a couple random bits at the end. Look, it’s really more important that I finally RECORDED THE THING than it is to have a perfect three-act structure, right? Right. 🙂

Show links:
Our trip to Canberra
Masterpieces from Paris Exhibition
Knitting Camp 2010
Our hike/run at Mount Keira in Wollongong
Sydney Half-Marathon
Mother’s Day Classic
My 16K long run
My 22K long run
You Don’t Have to Run Alone – podcast by Ted Beveridge (with Chloe’s Corner!)
Running With the Pack
Iron Brandon
Running the Narrow Path
CORSO LA META – podcast and blog by Jimbo_W
Triathlon Mind Training – podcast and blog by Ironmanjay
The Secret Life of Kris – blog of the Other Kris
missfee – my friend and fellow runner Fiona


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  1. I know who I am ;-)

    May 4, 2010 — 12:40 pm

    The FIRST website has Marathon trg progs that go for 18 wks. The FIRST book has progs that last 16 weeks. I’m going to do the latter (which will kick off the week commencing 30 May). And welcome back to the podwaves!

  2. I’m only part way through the episode, but had to write to let you know that I’m glad the podcast is back!

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