Okay, Anne Heche says sexual abuse made her ‘insane’. I don’t doubt that she really is a loony, and I don’t doubt that something in her childhood might’ve really messed her up. I’m just sad that some people are going to look at her (and her weird-ass David-Copperfield-lookin’ husband) and think: “Of course, she was only gay because she was crazy. Now that she’s sane she’s got a man. Hence gay = stark raving mad, and sane = hetero happiness.” Whatever.


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  1. …and that homosexuality is a “mistake” of some sort since it is the result of incestual abuse.

    sheesh. never liked her much, anyhow.

  2. Absolutely, do we really need someone to plant more disturbing messages in the wrong people’s minds? I thought it was kind of irresponsible and disrespectful of her (whether it be intentionally or unintentionally) to put that idea out there. I mean, so she’s with a guy now, she’s happy- great! That doesn’t make her un-crazy. How would you feel being Ellen, thinking you were only having a relationship with someone because they were nutty? Hey, good work. Way to deny the validity of your relationship. Is it really that much better in our society to be crazy than gay? YIPES!

  3. EXACTLY. And hell, did you see that boy? If that’s the rewards of sanity, I’ll be a crazy lesbian any day.

    I did read another random comment by her, though, where she said that sex with Ellen was the best she’s ever had in her life. Like, even better than with her new hubby. So hopefully now a bunch of people are going, “Hmmm… Crazy gay sex. Maybe I oughta try me some of that!” 🙂

    Her other comments were pretty shitty to Ellen though. You gotta think, if Heche is telling the truth about all this shit, then Ellen should have had some idea about it. Why didn’t she get her any help? Heche said she’d sit in her trailer during “Wag the Dog” and write down messages from God. Seriously, if she knew at all, Ellen woulda been like, “Uh, hey, Celestia? God wants you to come to the psychiatrist with me.” So maybe Heche is makin’ the whole stupid thing up. I dunno.

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